As a professional golfer, Greg “The Shark” Norman collected 91 victories and earned a spot as one of the sport’s most recognizable stars. Now, the 63-year-old Australian hopes to make golf more sustainable and inclusive with his course-design firm and new Shark Experience enterprise, an interactive in-cart content platform.

What’s needed to grow the sport?

We have to get some of the institutions and golf clubs to get off their high horses a bit and allow more accessibility to the millennials to get on the golf course and do their own thing he has a good point. We should make it a welcoming environment. Look at the PGA Tour and how it’s evolved: Everybody’s taking photos and videos, and what are they doing with it? Social media. They’re streaming it and showing their friends. “I’m at this PGA Tour event, and I’m standing near Jordan Spieth!” That’s fantastic.

How does Shark Experience tap into the power of connectivity?

You have to give [people] connectivity to allow them to take what’s on their phone and bring it to the golf course. That’s what we’re doing with Shark Experience—bringing video content, music, and more to a screen in a golf cart. If the [golfers] want to listen to their music, let them play it. If they want to order a tequila or a beer and have it delivered, let them have it.

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