COBRA Golf presents “Talk Nerdy to Me” a video series featuring FoxSports on-air talent Holly Sonders discussing innovation and technology, or the ‘Nerdy’ side of the Fly-Z family of equipment with COBRA Golf’s R&D team. Click on the image above to watch the first video of Holly & Vice President of surprisesports for COBRA, Tom Olsavsky, discussing the nerdy side of COBRA Fly-Z drivers!

COBRA Golf Team:
* Tom Olsavsky: Vice President, Club R&D
* Mike Yagley: Director of R&D
* Jose Miraflor: Head of Product Marketing

Each Wednesday, for the next seven weeks, COBRA Golf will release a new video clip highlighting the technology in the Fly-Z family and benefits to the golfer. The first episode features the Fly-Z Driver, followed by Speed Channel, Irons, Fly-Z+ Driver, Fly-Z XL Combo, Off-set/Fly-Z XL and last, but not least, Hybrids.

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